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Welcome to Inline Plastics

In-Line Plastics began operations in 1993 to meet the increasing demand for efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for the maintenance of water resources and the storage of hazardous chemicals and waste. In-Line quickly matured to provide a wide range of quality liners and covers for any environmental need, specializing in the manufacture and fabrication of prime polyethylene geomembranes. Since its inception, In-Line Plastics has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

We are located in Houston, Texas at the heart of the polyethylene manufacturing industry and directly accessible to the Port of Houston. The Port of Houston provides In-Line Plastics with a doorway to the world, allowing us to immediately provide whatever services and products necessary no matter the location.

At In-Line Plastics, we have a deep-seated commitment to quality and performance. With quality as our top priority, we seek not only to meet your project specification needs but to exceed them and provide an unparalleled peace-of-mind to our customers. We realize that our liners will only be as good as their raw materials so we source superior quality, prime virgin geomembrane resins to produce our high-performance liners. We believe that manufacturing all of our products in our U.S. facility is an essential element in maintaining quality. Using local resin suppliers also allows us a level of scrutiny and on-the-spot problem solving that result in an unmatched assurance of quality.

The brand names that cover In-Line Plastics' diverse range of products have received tremendous goodwill and have a reputation associated with superior products of exceptional quality. Our philosophy is to only manufacture, fabricate, and sell geomembrane liners and covers that last. We ensure quality in our manufacturing with extensive product testing--both in-house and through the feedback of our staff and customers in the field.